Mini Coach Bus

Meta description: A mini coach bus is the most viable choice for small group transportation whether you are traveling a long distance or a short one. 

The Most Convenient Mini Coach Bus Service

A Mini Coach Bus provides similar comfort that a coach bus would offer throughout your trips. This is a good option to choose when you are traveling in small groups since you will not feel as though you are in an overly large space.

With an exterior and interior that resembles the motor coach, a mini coach bus handles longer distances even as it retains a minibus size.

There are special circumstances that can motivate you to get our mini coach bus, for example, when you are moving fewer people over a longer distance. It helps make the ride an enjoyable one while at the same time convenience is provided by the easy-to-park bus.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves in providing the perfect local and regional transportation solution. We have mini coaches that have undergone thorough checks for safety. Our drivers also undergo detailed training so that they can handle the ride professionally.

The minibus coaches are fitted with flat screen TV's so that your journey remains enjoyable. No matter how far you are going, the fun these coaches offer is sure to make you feel as though the distance is short. Time seems to run out fast in these classically designed motors.

Want to have a panoramic view of the terrain as you drive along? The mini coaches' bigger windows are sure to make that become a reality. When you are tired of looking outside and want some privacy, feel free to pull over the curtains.

There is everything for everyone on our mini coach bus. For those of you who love reading while traveling, you will find the reading lights to be a useful feature. Even if you are not a reader, you will find the lighting convenient. The multi-color adjustable LED floor light cannot disappoint.

Classic mini coach bus types

We understand that each group of travelers has unique characteristics. For that reason, we provide different vehicle types.

  • 35 Passenger Mini Coach Bus
  • 44 Passenger Mini Coach Bus
  • 51 Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus

What events do we cover?

We have what it takes to facilitate just about any event. This capability is aided by our investment in a fleet of vehicles that is sure to leave you mesmerized. Whether you are headed to a formal event or just a fun trip, our skilled drivers will be glad to take you there.

The different occasions that we cover include:

  • Group Transportation
  • Corporate Event Transportation
  • Airport Transfer
  • Airport Shuttle
  • Private Events
  • Tour Bus – City Tours
  • Wedding Transportation
  • Concert Transportation
  • School Transportation
  • Long Distance Transportation
  • Sporting Event Transportation
  • Executive Business Transportation


Still stressed about the transportation needs of your small group? Do not trouble yourself anymore. Book any of our mini coach buses and set yourself on an unforgettable journey!